Fatigue & Astaxanthin

Research provided by: AstaReal USA

Fatigue is one of the most common complaints heard by physicians from their patients. This means a lack of energy, physical endurance or mental focus often triggered by stress, poor sleep, or inadequate nutrition and exercise. There are also routine physiological functions to consider, such as neurons firing in the brain and the heart pumping blood, all requiring energy to get us through the day. In the workplace, mental fatigue has been found to be one of the most frequent causes for workplace accidents since mental fatigue impacts physical performance.

Astaxanthin improved symptoms of fatigue in healthy adults participating in a study that was designed to simulate transient fatigue experienced in daily life. Participants in this study reported improved clarity of thinking and concentration while performing cognitive tasks and made fewer calculation errors when supplementing with 12mg/day astaxanthin after 8 weeks. They also reported improved recovery, feeling less physically and mentally fatigued after completing both mental and physical challenges.

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