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Many of us spend numerous hours in front of a computer screen, which requires the muscle in our eyes (the ciliary muscle) to contract so we can focus on nearby objects. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health reported that over 88% of office workers in the USA experience eye strain. This prolonged near-focus leads to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), a condition defined by tension and inflammation that causes eye fatigue (asthenopia). Typically, this means eye strain, dry, itchy eyes, and temporarily blurred vision.

Astaxanthin promotes capillary circulation, which helps rejuvenate the eyes by bringing in nutrients and oxygen, and removing waste. Clinical studies have also shown that astaxanthin improves accommodation, which is the ability to switch from near and far focus by working the eye’s ciliary muscle. Clinical study participants suffering eye fatigue showed significant improvement in accommodation ability after taking 9 mg/day astaxanthin for 4 weeks. They also reported a reduction in symptoms of eye strain, blurred vision, and flickering images, and less shoulder and back stiffness.

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