Astaxanthin & Muscle Fatigue

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Muscle Aging (Sarcopenia)

Maintaining muscle strength & performance with astaxanthin.

From around the age of 30, we all progressively lose muscle mass and function, and this degeneration accelerates once we reach our 50’s. This loss can be exacerbated by lifestyle factors, such as physical inactivity or a sub-optimal diet.

Astaxanthin enhances muscle strength and performance by neutralizing ROS produced as byproducts by our energy-producing mitochondria in muscle. Mitochondria are tiny, intracellular organelles, which produce most of our cells’ energy and are especially prevalent in muscle. As an unwanted byproduct of the energy producing process, mitochondria also create free radicals (ROS). Astaxanthin is positioned in mitochondria, providing advanced protection from ROS, and enhancing energy production efficiency for longer lasting energy and vitality.

Abnormal muscle loss "Sarcopenia"

However, muscle mass and muscular strength decrease even in healthy adults as a result of aging. The progressive loss of muscle function compounded by the loss of muscle mass, is known as sarcopenia. Loss of mobility resulting from sarcopenia leads to increased frailty, loss of independence, increased risk of falling, and reduced quality of life. Sarcopenia can have as great, if not a greater, effect on our mobility than either osteoporosis or arthritis.

Research shows that sarcopenia can be managed through exercise, nutritional support (a diet with 25-30 grams of protein, low in carbohydrate, and more dairy and egg consumption). It is also important to obtain a sufficient quantity of a good antioxidant using a nutritional supplement.

Maintaining muscle mass with astaxanthin

Muscle mass and quality is associated with protein metabolism – the balance of protein synthesis (anabolism) and protein degeneration (catabolism) within our muscles. As we age, muscle synthesis decreases and muscle degeneration increases, causing an imbalance which leads to muscle loss.

Astaxanthin promotes muscle health by protecting muscles from age-related ROS accumulation and pro-inflammatory processes which accelerate loss of muscle mass. Pre-clinical studies using astaxanthin have also shown that astaxanthin can help to inhibit the loss of muscle, or muscle atrophy, associated with inactivity associated with bed rest or reduced mobility.

Furthermore, AstaReal has submitted for publication a new clinical study, which was conducted in collaboration with the University of Washington, examining muscle function in 41 participants aged 65 to 85. Initial results have shown significant improvements for muscle strength, muscle endurance and an increase in muscle mass – which was visible in scans as an increase in muscle cross section.

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